Line Amplifier

30dBm Aws1700 Line Amplifier /Mobile Signal Repeater (GW-30LAA)

Item No.: 00115
Description Specifications

Model: GW-30LAA

Line Amplifiers are specially designed to assist the Base Station (BTS) or Repeaters to compensate the system loss from in-building distributing cable, power splitter and directional coupler and extend in-building signal coverage, and improve flexible of in-building signal coverage system design
To meet the field strength requirements of in-building signal coverage system. 

1. Cost effective solution for weak signal zones, reduce drop/off calls. 
2. Compact size, low power consumption, easy installation, great cover. 
3. Support any cellular devices (voice & data & video)
4. High linear design, ALC function design, low interference to BTS. 

Standard Package: 
1) AC90-264V, DC9V/5A power supply adapter 1PCS
2) AC power cord (EU/US/UK/SA/China standard, etc) 1PCS
3) Installation kit 1PCS
4) User manual 1PCS

To expand signal coverage of fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable. 
Indoor: Hotels, Home, Basements, Shopping Malls, Offices, Parking Lots, etc.




Frequency Range Uplink Downlink
iDEN 806-824MHz 851-869MHz
CDMA 800/GSM 850 824-849MHz 869-894MHz
GSM 900 890-915MHz 935-960MHz
AWS1700 1710-1755MHz 2110-2155MHz
DCS 1800 1710-1785MHz 1805-1880MHz
PCS 1900 1850-1910MHz 1930-1990MHz
WCDMA/3G 2100 1920-1980MHz 2110-2170MHz
Max. Gain 30dB 35dB
Max. Output Power 0dBm 30dBm
Band width Wide Band
Manual Gain Control 31dB     / 1dB Step
Automatic Gain Control >30dB
Ripple in-band ≤ 3dB
Return loss ≤ -10dB
Noise Figure ≤ 5dB
Spurious Emission
9KHz~1GHz ≤ -36dBm
1~12.75GHz ≤ -30dBm
WCDMA Spurious Emission Mask Meet 3GPP TS 25.143 ( V 6.2.0 )
  Modulation Accuracy ≤ 12.5%
  Peak Code Domain Error ≤ [email protected] Factor 256
Time Delay ≤ 1.5 μs
Frequency stability ≤ 0.01ppm
MTBF > 50000 hours
Power Supply AC100-240V,DC9V/5A
Power LED Power indicator
Alarm LED Red Autoexcitation or High Power
Green Standard
Mechanical Specification
RF Connector N-Female
Switch Power Switch\Manual Gain Control Switch
Cooling Heatsink Convection cooling
Impedance 50 ohm
Humidity < 90%
Operating Temperature -10°C~55°C
Environment Conditions IP40
Size 268mm*58mm*189mm
Weight < 4.5Kg
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