33dBm-43dBm GSM 900MHz Digital Repeater Signal Booster (GW-43DRG)

Item No.: 00059
Description Specifications

· Aluminum-alloy IP65 casing has high resistance to dust, water and corroding; 
· High gain linear power amplifier technique with reliable performance
· In-built AGC & ALC function be able to ensure easy installation without setting. 
· Compact size and light weight, easy to install on wall or pole
· Adopting filter with highly selectivity and low insertion loss eliminates interference between uplink and downlink
· Support SNMP and Web-based GUI. 
· RS232 or RJ45 ports provide links to laptop for local setting and monitoring by built-in web interface. 
· Built-in wireless modem (Option) for remote monitoring by SMS, GPRS or TCP/IP. 
· Details repeater parameters and status can be monitoring by built-in web interface, such as RSSI, temperature, output power level, gain, ATT, return loss, VSWR etc. 

Digital Repeater is a new kind of RF Repeater that is adopting DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology basis on FPGA platform, highly linear components and unparalleled innovative DSP filtering provide top level performance. Digital Repeater can be selected as Band Selective or Channel Selective operation mode, which supports up to 12 channels both on uplink and downlink. Using an advanced ALC mechanism, each one of the channels has an individual gain and ALC setting. 

To expand signal coverage or fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable. 
· Outdoor: Airports, tourism regions, golf courses, tunnels, factories, mining districts, villages, highways
· Indoor: Hotels, exhibition centers, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots.


GSM Uplink Downlink  
Frequency Range 880 – 900 MHz 925 – 935 MHz  
Repeater type Digital Filter Repeater (DFR), minimum 3 sub slot band  
Maximum Gain 98dB 98dB  
Auto Gain Control(AGC) ≥40dB  
Auto Gain Setup Range(Inside) 31dB/1dB step  
Gain Flatness ≤4dB(P-P)  
Output Power  33dBm±1dB 43dBm±1dB  
Out of Band Gain ±400KHz < 50dB  
±600KHz < 40dB  
±1MHz < 35dB  
±5MHz < 25dB  
Intermodulation Products 9KHz~1GHz ≤-50dBC  
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤-30dBm  
Spurious Emission 9KHz~1GHz ≤-36dBm  
1GHz~12.75GHz ≤-30dBm  
Noise Figure ≤5dB  
Max. Input Power Without Damage ≥0dBm  
VSWR ≤1.4  
Group Delay ≤8μs  
Power Consumption ≤50W  
Power Supply AC90-260V  
2. Mechanical specification  
Dimensions 600*445*186mm  
Weight ≤45Kg  
I/O Connector/ Impedance N-female  
3. Environmental specification  
IP Rating IP65  
Operating Temperature -25 ~ 55°C  
4. Monitoring specification      
1. NMS 
2. Automatic gain control
3. Intelligent mode setting   
4. Low interference
5. Prevent the oscillation     
6. Cost-effective for practical solutions
7. Support MGC