33dBm-43dBm WCDMA/3G Trunk Amplifier/Cellphone Signal Repeater (GW-43LAW)

Item No.: 00105
Description Specifications


1. Work with RF repeaters to expand coverage. 
2. Dust- proof chassis, prolong equipment lifetime. 
3. Reduce cellphone transmit power and radiation, extend cellphone battery life. 
4. Low UL noise design, improve repeater sensitivity, keep communication quality. 
5. Aluminum-alloy casing with IP65 protection, cool system without fan. 
6. In-built AGC & ALC function be able to ensure easy installation without setting. 
7. Compact size and light weight, easy to install on wall or pole
8. High gain linear power amplifier technique with reliable performance
9. Built-in wireless modem (Option) for remote monitoring by SMS, GPRS or TCP/IP. 

To expand signal coverage or fill signal blind area where signal is weak or unavailable. 
· Outdoor: Airports, tourism regions, golf courses, tunnels, factories, mining districts, villages, highways
· Indoor: Hotels, exhibition centers, basements, shopping malls, offices, parking lots.


Working Frequency (customizable) Uplink 1920- 1980MHz
Downlink 2110- 2170MHz
Working Bandwidth Customizable
Output Power (customizable) Uplink≥ 0dBm,  Downlink 33~43 dBm (2~20 W)
Gain Uplink ≥ 40dB,  Downlink ≥ 45dB
Gain Adjustment Range 1~31 dB @ step of 1dB
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) /
ALC (Automatic Level Control)
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) < 1.5
Noise Figure ≤ 6dB
In-Band Ripple ≤ 3dB
Frequency Error ≤ 0.05ppm
Spurious Emission and IMD3 Comply with 3GPP TS 25.106 V6.0.0
Adjacent Channel Power Ratio (ACPR) P ≥31 dBm (Offset 5MHz) ≥33dBc, (Offset 10MHz) ≥33dBc
P < 31 dBm (Offset 5MHz) ≥20dBc, (Offset 10MHz) ≥20dBc
System Delay ≤ 5.0μSec
Peak Code Domain Error (PCDE) ≤ -35dB
I/O Impedance 50Ω
RF Connector N-Type (Female)
Temperature Range Operation: -25°C ~ +55°C / Storage: -30°C ~ +60°C
Relative Humidity Range ≤ 95% (non condensing)
Power Supply (customizable) DC 48V / AC 85V - 265V, 45Hz - 65Hz
Power Consumption ≤200W
Backup Power Supply (optional) 4 hours
Casing Level IP65
Dimensions(cm) 75x50x32
Weight(kg) ≤ 36
NMS Monitoring Function (optional) Real-time alarm for door status, temperature, power supply, LNA, VSWR, self-oscillation, etc.
Remote control such as turn on/off, increasing/decreasing output power, etc.
Real-time status for output/input power, UL/DL gain, all status of repeater etc.