4 Way Microstrip Power Splitter (GW-MPS80254W)

Item No.: 00148
Description Specifications

Product Feature

1. Wide Frequency Range
2. Low Insertion Loss
3. Low VSWR
4. Excellent Coupling Flatness
5. Multiple-Band Frequency Ranges Tetra, Cellular, UMTS and LTE, etc.
6. Minimal RF Insertion Loss.
7. High Reliability.
8. Low Cost Design for ease of mounting to pole or wall.
9. N/DIN connector.


1. Mobile Communication Network Optimization and Indoor distribution system
2. Cluster Communication, Satellite Communication, Shortwave Communication and Hopping Radio

Frequency Range 800-2500-MHz
Insertion loss(including dividing loss) ≤5.3
Isolation ≥20-(d B)
VSWR ≤1.28
Max power 50 -W
Nominal Impedance 50 -Ω
Connector­­­ N-50KFD
Color Black(normal)or Silver
Dimension          71×71×22-mm
Weight 300-g