450MHz 11dBi Yagi Antenna (GW-YAGI450-11d)

Item No.: 00179
Description Specifications

Product Feature: 
1. Wide band, high gain and Low VSWR. 
2. High quality Aluminum Alloy material. 
3. Good Environmental Adaptability. 
4. With the Cable leads. 
5. Can be horizontal or Vertical installation

1. Mobile Communication Network Optimization and Indoor distribution system
2. Cluster Communication, Satellite Communication, Shortwave Communication and Hopping Radio

Model GW-YAGI450-11d
Frequency Range 450-470-MHz
Bandwidth 20-MHz
Gain 11-dBi
Beamwidth H: 44- °E: 40- °
F/B ratio ≥15-dB
VSWR ≤1.5
Polarization Horizontal or Vertical
Max power 100 –W
Nominal Impedance 50 –Ω
Connector­­­ N female or customized
Dimension 0.83-M
Weight 1-KG
Element 6
Material Aluminum Alloy
Rated Wind Velocity 60-m/s
Mounting Kits U bolts